GeoView Lite is a geospatial image viewing & data collection application designed for outdoor professionals and enthusiasts. Customize the app using in-app purchases and only pay for the features you truly need. Use it to create a layered display of base maps, raster graphics, vector graphics and your current GPS position. You choose the features you need and the files you want to view and we sort out the details.

To see screen shots of the in-app features check out GeoView Pro here

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    • Full Geocache Layer - adds features for logging and importing geocaches
    • Full Markup Layer - allows the creation of user markup layers with custom attributes and data entry
    • Gridded Data - support for various gridded data formats and interactive Z value shadowing
    • Raster graphics file formats - BSB Nautical charts, ERDAS ECW/Jpeg 2000, GeoTiff, OGC Web services, Geospatial PDF
    • Gridded Data file formats - Arc/Info grids, ERDAS, Geosoft GRD, Golden Software, GRASS ASCII, Japanese DEM, Planetary Data, USGS Grids, Zmap Plus
    • Vector Graphics file formats - Atlas BNA, AutoCAD DXF, ESRI Shapefile, GML & GPSTrackmaker, GeoJSON & GeoRSS, MapInfo, Geosoft PLT, S-57
FEATURES in Version 5.2 ( base features)
  • Internet base maps available from Apple™, ArcGIS™, or Mapbox™
  • overlay Internet or file base maps with vector data
  • overlay your current GPS position
  • overlay a reference grid
  • download maps for offline use within GeoView Lite
  • re-projection of vector data and GPS to your geo-referenced base maps
  • add, edit & save placemarks, GPS tracks and routes with user-selectable symbols, names & descriptions
  • attach multiple media files (photos, video clips, audio clips) to placemarks
  • post your placemarks, routes, & GPS track on popular social media
  • “addressing the world using what3words
  • and many more

Extend application functionality and file support
to the level of Geo
View Pro with in-app purchases FN1

Compatible with iPad, iPad mini & iPhone running IOS 9 or later. An active Internet connection is required to use Apple™ maps, ArcGIS™ maps, Mapbox™ maps, real-time elevation data, geocaching databases & what3words. An iPad with "Wifi + Cellular" is required for GPS functionality. Offline maps may require you to set up an account with the mapping agency.

We are continually adding new features and file support. Watch for announcements on Twitter.